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French and Chinese experts in life sciences have created IBBS to service innovation in Europe, China and elsewhere.
The first events dates back in 2013 where more than 150 scientists gathered in China to discuss scientific innovation in Oncology

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Dr Grégoire Prevost

Dr Grégoire Prevost

Co-Founder and CEO of IBBS

Dr Grégoire Prevost is a serial entrepreneur who currently manages 3 companies based in France with one holistic vision to speed up the Life Sciences research value transformation through network development, expertise identification, and education of start-up creators: • International Bio-Business Services - Networking • CIPREVO – Expertise provider • Life Sciences Leadership School - Education. Grégoire brings more than 30 years of experience in research and development in oncology. He obtained his PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology in 1989 from the University of Tours (France) and his national habilitation to direct research works in 1993.

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Willy Mathot

Willy Mathot


Corporate General Counsel in the pharmaceutical industry for 22 years. 30 years international experience in international business law and M&A. A rare mix of international operational and legal experiences and competencies in life sciences and information and communication technologies After 5 years in two international law firms specialized in international business law and M&A, he joins Ipsen, a pharmaceutical company with more than 30 affiliates worldwide, to accompany its international growth and rapidly, he is appointed General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer.

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IBBS can put a team of recognized experts at your disposal to advance your projects
IBBS is a partner of LS LEAD in France and the USA that comprises more than 80 experts in Life Sciences
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International Conference on Innovative Solutions: Cancer, Aging and Genetic diseases

With the current worldwide pandemic situation, it is more important than ever to continue to share our knowledge and favor its transmission throughout the generations.

We were used to join Wuhan since 2013 to organize scientific events during 4 days mixing participants, especially Chinese and French - Academic, Medical, Investors and Industrial players- in the field of cancer and ageing.

This year, we still have the same will, stronger than ever to continue this mission adapting the meeting format to allow participants to:

(i) Present innovative research and therapeutic solutions from Bench to Market to prevent or cure cancer, ageing associated diseases and genetic disease

(ii) Set-up novel scientific and medical discussions with Key opinion leaders

(iii) Set-up one-to-one partnering meetings to favor innovative solution valorization

(iv) Participate to educational sessions on cancer, ageing associated diseases and genetic diseases.

The new conference will be held by remote live using a webinar system, on October 27-30, 2020. The 4 days will be co-organized and supported by Université d’Evry, the French Consulate in Wuhan, the French Embassy in Kazakhstan, Institut Curie, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Université Paris Saclay, Tianjin University of Science and Technology, The French anticancer center Léon Bérard, the Sino French School of Oncology, Popsicube, CIPREVO and many more...

Hoping to meet all of you again through this novel inedited frame, we will work on our common wish to defeat as soon as possible cancer, ageing associated diseases and genetic diseases.

Dr Grégoire PREVOST, Professor Sylvian FISSON & Professor Jianfeng LIU,

Co-Presidents of the International Organizing Committee

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